16 - maio - 2016

Nomaa Hotel — Curitiba, Brazil

Buoyed by an agricultural boom headlined by, of all things, soya beans, Curitiba’s good fortune is best experienced in Batel, a lively neighbourhood heaving with edgy art galleries, restaurants, glossy malls, gardens, and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

The arrival of the Nomaa Hotel is one more reason to book a ticket for a visit. The interiors are styled like the apartment of a well-heeled creative, the warm walnut, limestone, marble, and linen perfectly foiled by an eclectic mix of furniture by Wegner, Eames and Bertoia, alongside a Fernanda Cassou chandelier and specially commissioned art-pieces.

The Gaya Spa offers an oxidant-rich vanilla body scrub, though we’re particularly taken by the, literally, fizzing bath of Chandon that’s followed by a slather of honeyed wine. All of which should have you all prepped for dinner at the in-house restaurant where chef Lenin Palhano sends out stylized plates of oxtail with corn marrow, and roast chicken with crispy corn.



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